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Smart Harvest: Advancing Crop Recommendation through Machine Learning Innovations

Vol. 8, Jan-Dec 2022 | Page: 24-29

Vadita Lathar
OPS Vidya Mandir, Karnal, Haryana, India

Received: 12-01-2022, Accepted: 10-03-2022, Published Online: 28-03-2022

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The study on agricultural crop suggestions attempts to help farmers choose the best crop to produce based on different elements like climate, soil type, and market demand. In order to analyse past data and select crops that maximise productivity and profitability, the initiative uses machine learning algorithms. This essay gives a general summary of the project, outlining its goals, approach, and outcomes. According to the study, the project can assist farmers in making educated decisions and enhancing crop yields, which will raise production and benefit the agricultural industry's economy.


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