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Research on Monetary Risk Control Algorithm Using AI

Vol. 9, Jan-Dec 2023 | Page: 18-23

Swastik Rout
Sai International School, Bhubaneswar, India

Received: 16-12-2022, Accepted: 29-01-2023, Published Online: 15-02-2023

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Exceptional internet innovation is, as of now, used in different enterprises. A new area of financial technology is using the Internet for financial management. Be that as it may, there are additionally impressive dangers related to Web finance. Accordingly, the security of online credit reserves is one of the fundamental exploration items in Web finance. In this paper, the GBDT calculation is first broken down, and the variable determination and boundary improvement techniques for the GBDT calculation are contemplated. Based on the flow research, a credit counteraction and control strategy incorporating GBDT with calculated relapse is planned. Tests show that the calculation empowers the model to show better application impacts.


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