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Exploring Individuals' Perceptions of the Workplace Environment Affected by Urbanization

Vol. 9, Jan-Dec 2023 | Page: 29-34

Yadav Satish Arjunrao
Department of Environmental Science Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh

Dr. Eknath Pandurang Alhat
Department of Environmental Science Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh

Received: 10-01-2023, Accepted: 01-03-2023, Published Online: 10-04-2023

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This study examines how urbanization influences individuals' perceptions of their workplace environment. As urbanization continues to transform the built environment, the view from workplace windows becomes an increasingly important aspect of the daily experience for many individuals. This research investigates how various factors related to urbanization, including increased building density, changing skyline views, and altered urban landscapes, affect employees' perceptions of their work surroundings. The novel approach used in this research allows us to pinpoint parts of individual lifestyles and lives that are worthy of recognition and value. The last conclusion draws attention to potential parallels between the travel itineraries of persons who share a similar urban upbringing. By examining the psychological and sociocultural factors at play, this research sheds light on the complex interplay between urbanization and our relationship with the natural world, offering insights into potential implications for environmental conservation and urban planning efforts.


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